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Connect to professionals by finding email address on Linkedin and Github.
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Access our huge and accurate email database. We also use Artificial Intelligence to map work emails.
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ContactOut Email Finder

ContactOut's email finder is the easiest way to run an email search on anyone. With our email address lookup tool, you can contact anyone in seconds. Whether you're doing email address search for a friend, family member, or business associate, ContactOut has the best free email lookup free product in the market.

How it Works

You can either start in our directory, use our free Chrome extension, or use our search portal to find anyone and their contact details. G2 crowd has ranked us #1 for “best free email lookup” five years in a row. Users consider us best for personal email lookup (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and more) and work email, and we lead in the following categories:

Best meets requirements for recruiting and sales contact data

Best ease of use in category

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Highest quality support

Best partner in doing business

With our email lookup tool, you can find email addresses for anyone in seconds. Simply search the name of the person on LinkedIn you're looking for, and our email lookup tool will do the rest. Along with G2, we are ranked ahead of all competitors on such third party review sites as SerpWoo, SourceForge, Cuspera, and Slashdot.

“This is such a great and simple tool to use.”
Tobia St Germain
Recruitment Coordinator, Google
"Find personal mails seamlessly. Thanks for this tool!"
Ekin Bayildiran
Executive Search, JP Morgan
“Great email tool. I've used a few other services and ContactOut is the easiest one to use.”
Jon Nowakowski
Sr. Recruiter, Robert Half
“ContactOut worked really well for us. A great tool; we use it daily.”
Amy Stephenson
Senior Consultant, Randstad
“Contact Out has tripled the yield to our InMail strategy traditionally exclusively on LinkedIn, which isn't delivering us ROI anymore. Great product!”
Ryan Brogan
Sr. Manager of Global Recruiting, WarnerMedia
“This is definitely my preferred extension for finding email addresses. It requires the least amount of effort to help find information needed. Keep up the great work!”
Suzanne Huynh
Associate, PwC
“Love this extension and would recommend it to anyone looking for a tool to find email addresses.”
Evan M. Wolfson
National Sales Manager, Yelp
“Love it! I use it every day.”
Camille Verdier
Producer, CNN
“Excellent product, very small chance of error.”
Farida Charania
Sr. Recruiter, HSBC